How to get there

Stadt Luzern mit Blick auf Rigi

Dampfschiff Vierwaldstättersee
Aussicht auf der Rigi

Höhenweg auf RigiLageplan zum Vergrössern

Dampfzahnradbahn auf die RigiLocation
Rigi Kaltbad is car-free and accessible
by public transport (train and boat).
You can leave your car in Weggis at the
valley station or in Vitznau in the car
park on the roof of the Rigi Railway
building. Our porter will meet you at
Rigi Kaltbad station with the hotel's taxi
Please tell the stationmaster at the
valley station of Weggis or Vitznau
when you will be arriving.

The hotel is located in a unique position
in the heart of Central Switzerland at an
altitude of 1453 metres. The cultural city
of Lucerne is easily accessible in one
hour by boat - and the voyage itself is
well worth the journey. The Rigi and its
surroundings offer a wealth of
opportunities for sport, leisure,
entertainment and culture.

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